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First Atlanta Gunblogger Meet — A Small Success

The ‘first’ Atlanta gunblogger meet happened Saturday, organized by Borepatch. It turned out to be a great but small affair — myself and my wife Mary, plus Borepatch and the lovely Mrs. Borepatch.

We initially met at Sharpshooter’s USA in Alpharetta, as a common neutral ground. We were invited to share some lanes, and we tried out their 380 SIG and 1911. I found the trigger pull very long on the SIG, but it handled cleanly. I fired the 1911, which I haven’t touched one in 20 years, and did well. The 1911 trigger is short and crisp. Mary also tried both, and considering she had never (as in never) shot a handgun before, did spectacularly well, especially with the 1911. She only worked one magazine, but in 7 shots, got all 7 within the 8-ring or better, and one bulls-eye. This, firing left-handed and right-eyed, with a firearm she had never handled before, and only the second handgun ever. I was very impressed.

We then drove down to the “5 Seasons” brew pub in Sandy Spring, just inside I-285. We we arrived, we found a “Beer Festival” in progress, which caused us to spend 30 minutes looking for parking. We met up with the Borepatches, now with Number One Son in accompaniment. Regarding the 5 Seasons — service was a bit slow (possibly in overwhelm because the the Festival that day), the artisan beers spectacular, and food very good. The evening was filled with over two hours of great conversation on a variety of topics. It is always great to meet with like-minded folks — all too often liberty-minded folks find themselves isolated, and wondering “if I am the only one who thinks like this.”

I would pronounce the gunblogger meet a success, though I also want to meet more of the local crowd. Borepatch with handle the logistics of the next one as well, though we’re looking at a June timeframe (we’re both booked with work and other distraction through all of May). So please keep an eye on Borepatch’s blog about details for the next one, and I hope more of the folks in the region come out for the next one.

UPDATE: I finally got a picture of Mary’s target, and here it is:

Mary's target

The red portion is about 2 inches wide, for scale.

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