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Blog post of the year?

January 10, 2012 1 comment

Over at “A Girl and Her Gun” is a post that may be the best firearm-related post of the year, and we’re only a few days in. Sample:

Generally a group, any group, has an agenda. Stated or not. Conscious or not. No matter how well meaning, they almost always want something.

That something is usually steeped in power and control.

Politicians, religions, schools, the anti gun crowd, you name it. They want to bring you for what you can give them, which is often nothing more than a feeling of power and self worth for the leaders of the group.

They want to take something from you in order to gain something for themselves.

Not this group.

In the past 10 months, I have gained so much more than the ability to line my front site on the target.

This group has welcomed me when I had absolutely nothing to offer them.

Go read the whole thing.

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A brilliant quote

December 14, 2011 2 comments

Over on at Papa Delta Bravo there is an old blog post about the non-differences between various handgun calibers. In one of the comments ( the Amazing Tam (her blog here: ) says this:

Caliber itself is bullshit. Capacity is bullshit. … Carry a gun that works. Carry the gun you trust and that you shoot best. Period fucking dot.

That really sums it up. Use the firearm (and the advice pretty much covers long-guns as well as handguns) you can use best.

Yes, it’s from 2009. But wisdom, or at least gun-smarts, can be perennial.

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How is this ‘evil’?

Saw a little silly bit over on Borepatch’s blog, and I thought I would give it a try.

My results:
This site is certified 43% EVIL by the Gematriculator

This isn’t doing analysis of any meaningful sort — it is calculating the numerical value of words by the process of gematria. Even if there were value in this process in the original Hebrew, there is no applicability to English. Hebrew letters also carry numerical value, in some ways loosely similar to Roman numerals.

But it is kinda fun. H/T to Borepatch.

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I agreed with someone

Over on the forums, there is a thread about the meaning of the Second Amendment. In one the posts there was a link to an article by J. Neil Schulman, originally from 1991. It is a detailed breakdown of the linguistic analysis of the Second Amendment by a Professor Copperud, and in it is this interesting statement:

To the best of my knowledge, there has been no change in the meaning of words or in usage that would affect the meaning of the amendment. If it were written today, it might be put: “Since a well-regulated militia is necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be abridged.’

Darned if that doesn’t look familiar. 🙂

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Another ePostal match — for June

JP over at Eyes Never Closed has opened an ePostal target match for June. Since I can’t compete in the May one set by ASM826 over on Random Acts of Patriotism, I think I’ll give this one a try, since it’s for “any rifle” and/or “any pistol”. The Mini-14 should be good to go for this, and with a bit more practice I’m hoping the XD will be too.

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Memorial Day Weekend Trip to the Range

Went to my local indoor gun range today (Sandy Springs Gun Range) and ran some ammo through my limited collection.

First up was my Glenfield 25, manufactured by Marlin back in the 1970’s. A nice little bolt-action .22LR rifle. This is what I learned one way back when.

Glenfield 25

Glenfield 25

The good news: she still shoots pretty well, as seen in the picture (Shot at 7 yards):

Bullseye closeup

Bullseye closeup -- the Glenfield's shots are the six tiny ones in the red center and first back ring

The bad news — she still has a major failure-to-extract issue, so I won’t be able to participate in the e-postal match over on Random Acts of Patriotism (more info here and here). I had to use a small screwdriver to pull the spent casing from the chamber each time. I checked the bolt and extractor last weekend, and the extractor is pretty grippy, so either something is preventing the extractor from engaging, or I have a tight chamber.

Next up was my Springfield XD .45 ACP pistol. This was her first firing, and there are some shooter adjustments to be made. Here is the gun:

Springfield XD .45 ACP

My Springfield XD .45

And here is the target (shot at 7 yards):

Target, 7 yards, .45 ACP

Target after lots of .45 ACP rounds

Low and left, so I need to work on my trigger-pull and grip.

Next up was my Ruger Mini-14, which I have also not shot before. Here is a picture of her:


My Mini-14

I was pleased with how well she shot, especially because I forgot to to use the hasty-sling to stabilize:

Overall Rifle Target, at 10 yards

Overall Rifle Target, at 10 yards

The first group of five was quite nice:

Close-up of first five shots

Close-up of first five shots (the ones in the square; the ones to the upper left are from when I shot at that cross-hair

All in all, I enjoyed myself, and remembered how much more I have to learn.

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Community Outreach — Interest in Atlanta?

The Connecticut Citizens Defense League has started collecting canned food for donation purposes at all their meetings and events (see here). And David Codrea suggested several additional outreach ideas here (and more suggestions in the comments), such as:

  • blood drives
  • adopt a highway
  • a women’s shelter Christmas gift collection

Any interest in the ATL gunblogger circles? Any other suggested activities?

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